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Green Capital-prisen til Stockholm 2010 og Hamburg 2011 februar 24, 2009

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«European Green Capital«-prisen ble delt ut i går, den 23. februar. Oslo var i den såkalte finalen blant 8 andre nominerte byer. Men Oslo tapte altså i den siste innspurten mot Stockholm som fikk prisen for 2010 og Hamburg som fikk prisen for 2011. Vi gratulerer!


STOCKHOLM (utdrag):
«…in 2006, the City Council adopted a water protection plan setting standards for cleaner water and outlining methods by which this could be achieved. The ultimate goal is that all water in and around Stockholm should meet the requirements stipulated by the EU water directive by 2015. This should be done in a manner which preserves the recreational value of the lakes, water sheds etc…»

HAMBURG (utdrag):
«…It should be mentioned that Hamburg has set ambitious climate protection goals such as reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020 and by 80% by the year 2050. CO2 emissions per person have been reduced by about 15% when compared to 1990, with annual energy savings of some 46,000 MWh, a major achievement for a big city...»

I statuttene for Green Capital-prisen heter det:

Improving the global environment:
The award marks a city’s wish and capability to solve environmental problems in order to both improve the quality of life of its citizens and reduce the contribution it makes to the global environment as a whole.




1. James Aire - mars 29, 2009

Looks like London if they planted trees, cleaned the Thames, and put up some pretty buildings…

2. Miljøfestivalen – vel blåst! « Miljøfokus - juni 8, 2009

[…] RPS-Group, som også var oppnevnt medlem av Green Capital-juryen i år! Se eventuelt egen sak om Green Capital-prisen som gikk til Stockholm i år. Guttorm Grundt, J.P. Rudden og Marianne […]

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